Thursday, 1 March 2018

Viking apron dress

A setting I haven't played in so far, but that's no hindrance, there had to be a new dress for the upcoming yule gathering! The underdress is dark green linen, the apron dress light green linen. And it was a nice coincidence that a) they did wear shaped dresses with gores, and b) I was really short on fabric, using up scraps, so I could piece together what I had! Another good thing was that for the characteristic decoration at the front I could use those glass beads I had made ages ago, colourful but not really matching. The downside is that, being a perfectionist, I will have to tablet weave matching trim to be proper and authentic. Maybe for the next yule, if I keep playing in this setting.

For the glass bead decoration typical for this kind of dress I used beads I made in my first attempt at making glass beads - they came out quite nice but not good enough yet to be used for jewellery, so this was the perfect project. The end pieces are two large metal buttons that are pinned to the front of the dress.

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